Massage is a technique as old as time, one that has been practiced for generations, as a way of releasing stress and relieving the mind and body, assisting them to a relaxed and healthy state of well-being.

In addition, distilled essential oils have been used medicinally since the eleventh century, when distillation was invented. The combination of essential oils, used in conjunction with massage, can lift the body up to even new levels of health.

Thai Thara

Aromatherapy oil massage is the use of highly concentrated plant oils that have been distilled and added to massage oil or lotion to work in conjunction with the massage and rejuvenate the body. The idea behind aromatherapy is that everything you smell has an influence on the way you feel. The reason for this is the limbic system, the section of the brain that controls emotions. The limbic system is connected to the nostrils, so when certain scents are inhaled, they transmit and carry specific messages to the brain, affecting your body in different ways.  These messages, carried from the brain, have been shown to have an effect on many different aspects of bodily function, including heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, memory, breathing, the immune system and digestion.

Each oil is unique, with its own set of healing properties. Depending on the state of your body, and whether you need a lift, to relax, or to cleanse, your massage oil can be mixed for your personal needs. For instance, oils like chamomile and lavender are known to calm the body and mind, and are often used as anti-stress and anti-depressants, while ylang and rose are used to uplift the spirit, and rosemary helps to provide energy.

Aromatherapy oil massage is an easy, comforting and effective way to reduce stress, and help alleviate the symptoms of chronic headaches, backaches, Premenstrual syndrome and more.