Stress can cause headaches, depression, anxiety and body pain that can be difficult to get rid of. Many people suffer daily, not only with horrible stress, but also with debilitating pain caused by such chronic issues as herniated discs, lumbago, sciatica or accidents among other problems.

Just getting through the day can be difficult. Thai back massage can help alleviate this pain, sometimes even helping to excise it long-term.

The difference between Thai back massage and regular back massage is that the techniques used in Thai massage are more energizing and rigorous than in other forms of massage. Thai massage helps to promote healing through stretching movements used in combination with deep tissue massage.

During the course of the massage the massage therapist will use a combination of their elbows, thumbs, palms, feet and knees to apply pressure to the body and stretch it, into yoga-like positions in order to maximize the release on the muscles and relieve soreness and persistent pain by unblocking energy channels through the use of light pressure.

By targeting specific points, known as acupressure points, in an easy, gentle and non-invasive manner, Thai back massage can have you feeling fresh and invigorated again.

However, Thai back massage does not have to be just for those with persistent pain. It also helps the average person suffering from the normal daily stress of school, work, family and home life, and aids those who like to spend a lot of time at the gym with relief from muscle cramps and soreness.

Thai Thara offers a comfortable location with expert masseuses located conveniently right in the heart of Tel-Aviv.

Let Thai Thara take you to a stress-free, relaxed world.