As busy as life is in today’s go-go-go world, it’s not uncommon to be stressed out. However, long-term stress can take a tremendous toll on the body, and, over time can cause long-lasting damage.

There are many ways to decrease stress, some more effective than others. However, the benefits of Thai oil massage are widely thought to be one of the best systems of therapeutic massage, and lead to overall balance and well-being in the body.

Thai oil massage is a combination of both the traditional Thai massage, as well as the western style of massage using aromatic oils to stimulate the body. Traditional Thai massage includes elements of Ayurvedic medicine, Hatha Yoga and Chinese acupressure. Ayurvedic medicine, the holistic science of health, focuses on balancing the three doshas, or the different energies that make up the body, including Vata Dosha, the energy associated with motion, Pitta Dosha, the energy that controls the body’s metabolism and Kapha Dosha, the energy that controls growth within the body.

Thai Thara

Hatha Yoga involves stretching and relaxation of the body in order to restore inner well-being, and Acupressure focuses on movement of the body’s energy back to the correct channels and pathways in order to restore balance. Western massage uses essential aromatic oils to stimulate deep relaxation and improved blood circulation. It has been proven that the powerful properties contained within aromatic oils work best when absorbed through the skin or inhaled through the nose.

There are many significant benefits of Thai oil massage, including restoration of your body’s natural balance and energy, improved body flexibility, reduced muscle tension, relief from aches and pains, improved blood circulation, increased energy, decreased stress and detoxification of your skin and muscles.

In essence, Thai oil massage works not only to repair your physical body, but also to calm your mind, renewing your sense of self, and returning you to a state of balance, peace and well-being.