Upper body massage is emotionally uplifting, and concentrates on relieving upper body tension.

This massage focuses on upper back, head and neck areas.

The muscles in these organs tend very often to become stiff , and sometimes these muscles are becoming so stiff that they restrict our movement, and recovery may take several days.

Prolonged sitting at a computer, long television watching hours,  and a wide range of simple everyday actions, when done incorrectly, can cause upper body organs, especially, in the neck and nape – become stiff and cause a feeling of discomfort and limitation of motion.

Body massage

So how do you keep your upper body organs healthy?

To overcome these problems, you need to maintain your upper body constantly with certain exercises and correct movements and postures.

First, make sure to regain the capability of doing correct movements and postures and plan frequent fixed breaks which will significantly reduce the damage to these organs.

Second, massage the upper body professionally and accurately when you feel recurring pain, or even a singular intense pain in these organs.

Why Thai method massage ?

Our massage takes between 30-45 minutes at your choice. You will get a unique professional massage in traditional Thai method, which will relieve all the tensions in the upper part of your body, and will give you a sense of wellness and deep relaxation.

Besides the healing properties massage gives, it also gives an extraordinary sense of pleasure.

Our professional and skilled team of masseurs will be happy to give you a dreamlike upper body massage that will leave you a feeling of relaxation, health and relief.