Tel Aviv has such a rich history of culture and tradition. But Tel Aviv is about a lot more than that. There is more to do in Tel Aviv than a vast majority of other cities throughout the world? This variety makes Tel Aviv a jewel in the crown for visiting tourists, as well as a fun place for many residents of Israel.

No matter where your interests lie, you can be sure you will always be able to find something to keep you busy and entertained, whether you find your groove clubbing, perusing art, biking or just about anything else.

Where ever you go in the city, you will find yourself enjoying all the great, rich history Tel Aviv has to offer, like the old port area, which is getting a makeover, or historic Old Jaffa, well-known from its mentions throughout the bible. And for those interested in artifacts, Tel Afek is the site of many archeological excavations.

Massage in Tel Aviv

There are also many fabulous museums peppered throughout the city, where you can enjoy beautiful artwork, as well as brush up on Israeli culture, including The Reuven Rubin Museum, The Museum of the Jewish People, the Bauhaus Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, among many others. Not only are museums a wonderful and enriching experience for adults, but many school trips are held to the various museums throughout Tel Aviv.

And when all the cultural exploits are done and you find yourself needing a bit of relaxation, look no further than Tel-Aviv for that as well. There are many beautiful beaches where you watch the waves from the soft sand, or stroll down the promenade and watch the swimmers and surfers. In addition, you can get a wonderful soothing massage in Tel Aviv, walk through one of the perfume-filled botanical gardens, or take a stroll in one of the nature or children’s parks or any of the gardens sprinkled around the area.

Tel Aviv also offers pampering for all those who wish to indulge themselves a bit. Between the shopping, the designer boutiques and other interesting stores, as well as places like the Carmel open air market where you can buy savory spices, sweets, chocolate and fresh fruit and vegetables, you can find small havens where you can get your nails painted, your hair styled or treat yourself with a relaxing massage in Tel Aviv.

If you like to party, or you just want to enjoy some music and have fun with friends, wrap up your day at one of the many clubs, coffee bars, shows, music houses, moves or restaurants in the area.

One thing is for sure: Tel Aviv is not for those who like to stay in!